The Class Rules
  1. No treats!
  2. Be consistent (all family members).
  3. Don't over praise your dog.
  4. Take all toys away from dog while in training, and then return toys as needed.
  5. No rawhide, pig's ears or calf-hooves; use only Nylabone products
  6. No tug-of war games.
  7. No wrestling, running, or floor games.
  8. Never leave your dog outside alone more than five (5) minutes without an adult.
  9. Never hit your dog and becoming emotional. High-energy builds energy.
  10. After training, grooming, veterinary visit, never give your dog water - always ice cubes!
  11. Don't try to train your dog off-leash just to see if he can do it!!
  12. Don't let your dog run free in a park or field.
  13. Keep a distance of ten (10) feet away from another dogs.
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Dan Morris Dog Training