About the Trainer/Owner




Sentry Dog Training School instructor, in Wiesbaden, Germany. Instructor (United States Air Force in Europe) taught a six-week training program for Army, Marine, Canadian and Air Force Handlers. Taught history of the military dog, safety procedures, kennel and equipment, aided in veterinary classes on prevention of diseases and first aid for dogs.Trainer Dan at work in 1966

Also taught transporting dogs, psychology and principles of dog training. Gave performance testing on proper facing movements, voice commands, hand gestures. Instructed in methods of training dogs to attack by agitation, re-attack, scout and patrol dogs, security and field problems. Worked with the German Police on training of plastic and dynamite detection. A member of the Air Force Instructors K-9 Drill Team, performing in major cities in Europe, Wiesbaden, Berlin, etc. for both military and civilians.Trainer Dan at work in Wiesbaden Germany


Dog behavior problems, tracking, search and rescue, narcotic detection training,
Expert Witness-jury trial "Up-Front", with Bill Bonds; WXYT-Radio, John McCollough Show (Pit Bull attacks); Video "Let's Talk Dogs"; Founder of the "Dogmatics Drill Team"; weekly Newspaper column on dogs.