The Basics

What age to start training

Your dog should be at least three (3) months old with all up to date shots. The younger the dog is, the easier it will be for you to train it. The dog will have less body weight and be easier to control when it's young, which gives you the edge. Dogs over one (1) year of age may have problems that must be dealt with prior to starting any group training class.

Bonding with your dog

Most people think if you can walk your dog it is trained, instead all you are doing is having a nice walk with your dog! Commands must be used inside and outside of the house. When you work your dog in obedience you are bonding with your animal and making a commitment with him. Which he will expect each day from you!


If you have problems with your dog, chances are it is not obedience trained. Many people tend to wait until a dog's behavior is uncontrollable before they call a trainer, thinking their dog will grow out of its high energy or biting problem. The annoying puppy biting will become a dangerous adult biting problem! Obedience training will have a very definite effect on calming a dog. When it is comfortable with commands, no anger or shouting is necessary. The dog now has a purpose and direction in its life. A trained dog pleases itself as well as its owners. Its trained behavior will grow stronger, providing both you and your dog with a peaceful existence.

Training Facilities

The Rules for Training

To successfully pass the course, you must work your dog every day and attend classes regularly. Skipping training days makes it harder for your dog to retain what you are trying to teach it; the consistency is broken and the habits the dog should learn take longer to develop. It you stick to your training, I will provide you with the knowledge you need to graduate your dog in six weeks.