Types of Training

A Refined Method

Over many years I have refined the method of training dogs because the family dog is not a "Sentry dog" and needs a structured environment. The owners need to understand why a dog responds as it does. Having no more than eight dogs in a class is non-stressful for you and your dog; training and success is accelerated. Dog training is more than walking your dog in a circle. You have to learn how to use the commands both inside and outside of the home. A dog training class is a class like any other.

On Leash Training

On leash training is just that. You will learn you can only control your dog when the leash is on. As you go through the class, you will learn how to control your dog indoors without the leash. However, you will not be able to control your dog outside without a leash. This is why an off-leash training program is offered. A dog learns by going through learning stages with its owner. If the owner does not know what to do, the dog cannot be expected to behave.

Training Room

Training You

On leash training is really training YOU how to train your dog. Teaching you how a dog thinks and why it reacts gives you an understanding of why and how you can change the dog's behavior. Dogs use their sensories to gain knowledge through your reactions, thereby; learning how to control you. On leash training is conducted with no more than eight dogs in a class.

What you learn

You will learn over 30 commands using both voice and hand gestures, plus teach your dog not to jump on people, to come when called, go to the bathroom in one spot in the back yard, start boundary control so the dog will not jump out of your car or charge out of the front door, learn to stop digging, staying off counter tops and stoves and the proper way to play with your dog.
ON and OFF leash